In Country Character Descriptions

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This person lives with the older married characters in the novel with this character's significant other.

Dawn Goodwin

This person is the protagonist's age and is the protagonist's best friend.

Tom Hudson

One of the veterans in Hopewell who is tall and handsome, and on whom the protagonist has a crush and has bought a car from.

Irene Hughes

This is the protagonist's living parent while married to the protagonist's deceased parent.

Mawmaw Hughes

This person has never been away from home before the trip to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, complaining about how much things cost and unable to sit in the car for any length of time without using the bathroom.

Pap Hughes

This character is an enigmatic older relative of the of the protagonist's deceased parent, virtually unknown by the protagonist.

Sam Hughes

The protagonist of this book, this person's father died in the war...

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