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Short Answer Questions

1. Which term best describes the evidence upon which the case could be built after Dewey first took over the investigation?

2. What was wrong with Smith's mother?

3. Of what was Dewey an agent?

4. On what day did the events described in part one of In Cold Blood take place?

5. Where did the bus drop Smith and Hickock off after they sold their car in Mexico?

Short Essay Questions

1. What caused the apparent psychiatric disorders from which Bonnie Clutter suffered?

2. What role did Dewey think the newly acquired life insurance policy had on the murder?

3. Who was able to secure Hickock and Smith some money after the murders?

4. What did Hickock think of Smith's treasure hunting plans?

5. What happened while Mr. Helm was pruning the flowers in the Clutters' garden?

6. Why did Hickock want to ditch the hitchhikers?

7. Once in Florida, what was the only dream Smith felt he had left?

8. What physical characteristic did Perry Smith and Richard Hickock share?

9. Why did Smith and Hickock head for the post office when they finally made it back to Las Vegas?

10. How did Hickock find his and Smith's destination, the Clutter house, on the night of the murders?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Use Capote's detailed description of the execution to write an essay on descriptive language and its effects on the reader. Include personal feelings and reactions as you read this portion of the text.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay describing journalistic integrity. Include supporting details from this book which both support Capote as having a journalistic integrity and deny his journalistic integrity.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay discussing the title, In Cold Blood. Is it appropriate? Why or why not?

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