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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Smith's sister's name?
(a) Gibson.
(b) Barbara.
(c) Otto.
(d) Nancy.

2. In Smith's nightmare, what always saved him in the end?
(a) A yellow, finch-like bird.
(b) A green, finch-like bird.
(c) A yellow, parrot-like bird.
(d) A green, parrot-like bird.

3. Which of the Clutter's children was known as the town darling?
(a) Eveanna
(b) Kenyon.
(c) Beverly.
(d) Nancy.

4. Which murder victim did the Sherriff, Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Ewalt find first?
(a) Mrs. Clutter.
(b) Mr. Clutter.
(c) Nancy.
(d) Kenyon.

5. What was Mr. Helm's job?
(a) Caretaker.
(b) Funeral Director.
(c) FBI Agent.
(d) Nanny.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of his possessions was beloved by Smith?

2. Where were Smith and Hickcock trying to go when they came back from the states from Mexico?

3. What did Hickock finally admit to Smith about the crime?

4. When Hickock and Smith went out on the boat, who did not go into the water?

5. Which term best describes the evidence upon which the case could be built after Dewey first took over the investigation?

Short Essay Questions

1. With whom did Herb Clutter meet on the last day of his life, and what was the purpose of this meeting?

2. How did Barbara feel about her brother?

3. Since childhood, what reoccured for Smith?

4. What was the last thing Capote describes Nancy as doing before her death?

5. What was troubling about two of Smith's siblings?

6. Why did Smith say he cut Mr. Clutter's throat?

7. What role did Dewey think the newly acquired life insurance policy had on the murder?

8. On what did the doctor blame much of Smith's mental health damage?

9. Why were the Christmas holidays hard on Bobby Rupp?

10. It was because of whose relationship with the Clutters that they end up murdered?

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