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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name the prisoners call the area where the executions occur?
(a) The Corner.
(b) The Coffin.
(c) The Hole.
(d) The Cell.

2. How did Alvin Dewey learn of Hickock and Smith's execution date?
(a) The judge told him.
(b) He was informed by the sheriff.
(c) Smith sent him a letter.
(d) He read about it in the paper.

3. How were Smith and Hickock executed?
(a) Hanging.
(b) Firing squad.
(c) Gas chamber.
(d) Electric chair.

4. What disorder did Dr. Jones indicate he believes Smith suffered from?
(a) Mental retardation.
(b) Paranoid view of the world.
(c) None.
(d) Schizophrenia.

5. According to Floyd, who talked of robbing the Clutters?
(a) Hickock.
(b) Nye.
(c) Smith.
(d) Wells.

6. Which of the following people was considered the prosecution's most damaging witness?
(a) Kansas Bureau of Investigation forensic expert.
(b) Alvin Dewey.
(c) Nancy Ewalt.
(d) Susan Kidwell.

7. What was the name of Nancy's old mare that helped to comfort Bobby Rupp?
(a) Church.
(b) Duntz.
(c) Nye.
(d) Babe.

8. How did Smith imagine he would commit suicide while in jail?
(a) By hanging himself with sheets from the bed.
(b) By slitting his wrists with pieces of a lightbulb.
(c) By slitting wrists with a shiv.
(d) By hanging himself with belt.

9. What did the window of Smith's cell overlook?
(a) The police station.
(b) The town square.
(c) Another prisoner's cell.
(d) The Clutter house.

10. How many years passed before Hickock and Smith were executed?
(a) 6 years.
(b) 1 year.
(c) 2 years.
(d) 3 years.

11. What did Hickock and Smith use the money collected from turning in empty bottles for?
(a) A big meal.
(b) More bottles filled with alcohol.
(c) To mail packages of sentimental items to Las Vegas.
(d) A car.

12. What type of statements did Dr. Jones ask Smith and Hickock to write?
(a) Statements of innocence.
(b) Statements of guilt.
(c) Autobiographical statements.
(d) Statements describing the crime.

13. What did detective Nye show Hickock on the second day of the interrogation?
(a) A photo of Floyd Wells.
(b) A photo of the murders.
(c) A photo of he and Smith at the Clutter's house.
(d) A photo of the footprints at the scene.

14. What was the only real evidence that Dewey had for the Clutter murders?
(a) Two sets of boot prints.
(b) A witness in Floyd Wells.
(c) The .12-gauge shotgun.
(d) Two sets of fingerprints.

15. What document did Smith sign in jail?
(a) Plea of insanity.
(b) Recounting of his confession.
(c) Claim of innocence.
(d) Denying his confession.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal did Smith interact with while in his cell?

2. Which of the following people did not testify at the trial?

3. How did Mrs. Meier feel about Smith?

4. After Smith and Hickock stole a car in Part 3 of In Cold Blood, where did they return?

5. Who of the following were not spectators at the trial?

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