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1. In what way does Capote set the scene in Part 1 of In Cold Blood?

Capote takes deliberate care to describe the city in which the murder victims lived. He also takes a significant portion helping the reader to understand that the Clutters were prominent citizens.

2. What caused the apparent psychiatric disorders from which Bonnie Clutter suffered?

Mrs. Clutter's depression appears to be related to the birth of her two youngest children. It is suggested that it began as post-partum depression which never lifted, though the children were in their mid-to-late teens by the time of the murders.

3. What did Nancy and Kenyon Clutter have in common?

Besides the fact that they were siblings, born a year apart, both Nancy and Kenyon were quite intelligent. Nancy earned straight A's and Kenyon was thought by some to be a genius.

4. What physical characteristic did Perry Smith and Richard Hickock share?

Perry Smith and Richard Hickock are both described by Capote has having small frames. It was here, however, that their physical and emotional characteristics ended.

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