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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were Smith and Hickcock trying to go when they came back from the states from Mexico?
(a) Las Vegas.
(b) California.
(c) Oklahoma.
(d) Texas.

2. Who lead the investigation into the Clutter murders?
(a) Agent Dewey.
(b) Agent Duntz.
(c) Agent Nye.
(d) Agent Church.

3. What did Smith and Hickock do to a 1949 Chevrolet sedan?
(a) Stole it.
(b) Gave it a tune-up.
(c) Washed it.
(d) Crashed it.

4. Of what was Dewey an agent?
(a) Kansas District Attorney.
(b) Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(c) Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
(d) Special Prosecuters Office.

5. Mrs. Clutter experienced depression after which event?
(a) Death of her mother.
(b) Marriage of her oldest child.
(c) Birth of her last two children.
(d) Death of her father.

Short Answer Questions

1. From which of the following does it say in the book that Herb abstained from?

2. About how far away from the Clutter's town is the drug store?

3. Which kind of treatment did Bonnie receive?

4. Which individual believed that treasure hunting was an unrealistic fantasy?

5. What does a double-indemnity clause mean?

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