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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the locals describe Herb's wife as suffering from?
(a) Seizures.
(b) Drug addiction.
(c) Alcoholism.
(d) Spells.

2. Why did Smith and Hickock sell their stolen car in Mexico?
(a) They were out of money.
(b) The police were looking for the car.
(c) Someone offerred them a lot of money for it.
(d) It did not work anymore.

3. Which two states did Smith and Hickock travel through before they made their way to Mexico?
(a) Oklahoma and Texas.
(b) Arizona and Texas.
(c) New Mexico and Arizona.
(d) Arizona and Oklahoma.

4. What sound could be heard as Hickock and Smith were escorted into the Garden City county jail?
(a) Flashbulbs popping.
(b) It was silent.
(c) Yells of abuse from the crowd.
(d) Murmers of the crowd.

5. Who went to the Clutter household every Sunday morning?
(a) Perry Smith.
(b) Nancy Ewalt.
(c) Susan Kidwell.
(d) Richard Hickock.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which individual was a rodeo-performer at one time?

2. Which of the following did Hickock not tell his interrogators during their interview in the Las Vegas prison?

3. What was wrong with Smith's mother?

4. River Valley Farm did not contain which of the following?

5. Where does the story that In Cold Blood investigates take place?

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