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Objective: Part 1 The objective of Daily Lesson #1 is for students to be able to identify the characteristics of the genre: nonfiction novel, or true-crime novel.

1) Class Activity: Have the students independently create a list of characteristics which describe this specific genre. Hold a discussion sharing the lists and compile one class-wide list.

2) Partner/Group Activity: Provide the students with a triple Venn Diagram (3 circles not the typical 2) upon which to compare fiction, nonfiction and this genre (nonfiction novel). Allow the students to work in pairs or threes to work on this more complex comparison. Discuss the results of the Venn diagrams as a whole class.

3) Group Activity: Provide the students with the definition for a nonfiction novel as "A hybrid of both fact and fiction." Have the students work together in small groups to explain the definition in their own words and describe other novels which may...

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