In Cold Blood Character Descriptions

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Mrs. Hideo Ashida - This woman is the wife of a Japanese tenant farmer in Holcomb who makes the fateful statement, "I can't imagine you afraid. No matter what happened, you'd talk your way out of it."

Roy Church - This man is also known as "Curly," due to his baldness. He is the oldest of the four main KBI agents assigned to the case this book focuses on.

Beverly Clutter - This woman is the second eldest in her family and was away from home at the time of the murders, visiting her fiancé, a biology student whom her father liked a great deal.

Bonnie Clutter - This individual was afflicted with a depression which had not lifted since the birth of her last child fifteen years ago. Subsequently, she secluded herself in her bedroom and had difficulty functioning normally in even the most mundane...

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