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Part 1

• The reader is introduced to the individuals involved in this non-fiction story.

• Mr. Clutter, frugal and no nonsense, led a simple life in all ways, including not carrying cash. He bought additional life insurance on the last day of his life.

• Mrs. Clutter suffered from severe depression and spent most of her time in bed, hiding from the world.

• Nancy Clutter was a 16-year-old straight-A-student who was dating a local boy named Bobby Rupp.

• Kenyon Clutter was perhaps a genius 15-year-old boy who spent most of his time building mechanical inventions.

• Two other individuals, Perry Smith and Richard Hickock were driving toward the Clutters' home with the implied intent of killing them.

• The Clutters had a typical day, not knowing it was the last day of their lives.

• The next morning, Sunday, the Clutters were found dead by Nancy Clutter's friends (Nancy Ewalt and Susan Kidwell) who...

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