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David Eagleman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What proved difficult in programming robots?
(a) Having them understand the difference between two degrees of moisture.
(b) Having them perform two tasks that were only minutely different.
(c) Having them be able to grasp fine particles.
(d) Having them perform simple tasks.

2. What were men then shown for a longer period of time?
(a) Pictures of abstract figures that resembled the female figure.
(b) Colors splashed randomly on the paper.
(c) Pictures of cars with women beside them.
(d) The same pictures of the women.

3. For what was the actor in #109 arrested in 2006?
(a) Bad acting.
(b) Wife abuse.
(c) Driving while intoxicated.
(d) Tax evasion.

4. How do some scientist define intelligence?
(a) The ability to mix emotion with thought.
(b) The ability to think more than a couple steps ahead of a task.
(c) Many small actions that can be performed without conscious thinking coming together.
(d) The ability to make very fine distinctions.

5. What does Eagleman think some people would have said about Whitman had he lived?
(a) He was not responsible for his actions.
(b) He was responsible for his actions because he should have sought medical help.
(c) He was not wholly responsible nor wholly blameless for his actions.
(d) He was totally responsible for his actions no matter what.

6. What is an animal's ability to choose a course from among competing options and act accordingly?
(a) Intelligence.
(b) Awareness.
(c) Consciousness.
(d) Wisdom.

7. What is hard wired into our brains?
(a) Much of what motivates us and drives our behavior.
(b) Things such as breathing and digestion.
(c) Nothing is actually hard wired into our brains.
(d) Only the survival instinct.

8. What do we perceive about the limits of our conscious knowledge?
(a) We know there are no limits but we often act as if there are.
(b) We know there are limits but don't always recognize when we've reached one.
(c) We do not know what the limits of our conscious knowledge is.
(d) Our conscious mind in its egoistic state does not believe there are limits.

9. How did Whitman die?
(a) Lightening.
(b) Electrical shock.
(c) Shot by the police.
(d) Falls out of a tower.

10. What did some commentators say about the incident with the actor?
(a) That the man is truly anti-Asian and it was revealed when he was drunk.
(b) That the man is truly anti-Semitic and it was revealed when he was drunk.
(c) That the man is truly anti-Black and it was revealed when he was drunk.
(d) That the man is truly anti-Hispanic and it was revealed when he was drunk.

11. What assumption is at the core of the American legal system?
(a) That some people's insanity is not their fault.
(b) That we each have free will.
(c) That there are some people who can choose no other than a life of crime.
(d) That some people are genetically insane.

12. Who obtained a record of the arresting incident?
(a) The Anti-defamation League.
(b) The Chinese-American Relations Association.
(c) The Hispanic-American Cultural League.
(d) A celebrity gossip website.

13. What does Eagleman say is difficult?
(a) Believing that our unconscious is so unaware.
(b) Believing that our unconscious is so aware.
(c) Knowing that we have very little true free will.
(d) Understanding and accepting that much of our minds is inaccessible to our conscious selves.

14. What can insects do that human beings cannot do?
(a) They can hear light as well as see it.
(b) They can see both sound and light.
(c) They can see the entire spectrum of light.
(d) Insects can see wavelengths we cannot see.

15. From what does Eagleman say our ultimate behavior springs?
(a) As a result of the biological balance within our brain.
(b) As a result of values taught to us at a young age.
(c) As a result of the physical and emotional working in conjunction with each other.
(d) As a result of our individual intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Eagleman think people find the second puzzle easier to solve?

2. What is the significant fact in the two showings to the men?

3. What question does Eagleman pose about the actor?

4. What was one routine in charge of?

5. What does Eagleman say we cannot choose?

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