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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 Why Blameworthiness Is the Wrong Question.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do some brain scientists propose?
(a) That the brain may work on numerous smaller routines.
(b) That computers can mimic the brain in all ways except fine discrimination.
(c) That the brain is able to handle much larger routines than computers.
(d) That the brain is not as much like a computer as originally thought.

2. Who is one person the author mentions as understanding the arrangement between the conscious and unconscious mind?
(a) Johnson.
(b) Freud.
(c) Ericksson.
(d) Jung.

3. What were men asked to rate in an experiment the author cites?
(a) How easy it is to solve a given problem.
(b) The ease at drawing a simple picture they are shown.
(c) How attractive they found women's faces in photographs they are shown.
(d) The ease at remembering names.

4. What is the consistency of the brain?
(a) Peanut butter.
(b) Jello.
(c) Bread.
(d) Milk.

5. What is exceptional about the creature mentioned in question 89?
(a) They can smell odors after weeks have passed.
(b) They can smell the fleas on them.
(c) They can smell an odor on the air even after several days.
(d) They can sense a whole range of odors that human beings cannot sense.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Eagleman say about people who marry that is related to the idea of implicit egotism?

2. How does Eagleman compare thinking with seeing?

3. What would happen if the people actually performed this motion in reality?

4. If someone moves slightly towards the word dislike before choosing the word like, what does that indicate?

5. What is the orbitofrontal cortex?

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