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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Linda receive letters from quite often even though this person is illiterate?

2. How does Mrs. Bruce react to the news that Linda confesses to her?

3. Which character dies while Linda is in hiding in Boston?

4. What is Ellen's response to Linda's confession before Ellen returns to New York for boarding school?

5. Where does Linda leave Benny when she travels to England?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe in detail Linda's first meeting with Ellen in New York.

2. What conditions force Linda to remain separated from her children?

3. Once arriving in Philadelphia, Linda has to face the reality that being free in the North still has its downside. What incidents cause Linda to accept this truth?

4. How does the plan for Linda's escape change twice?

5. How does Linda's reaction to Dr. Flint's death differ from her grandmother's reaction?

6. Describe how Mrs. Bruce reacts when she finds out that Linda is a fugitive slave.

7. Using the text to support your answer, describe Benny's first reaction to the North.

8. After avoiding Mr. Thorpe on several occasions, Mr. Thorpe insists that he and Linda meet. What does Mr. Thorpe tell Linda during this meeting?

9. Using details from the text, describe how Linda's attitude evolves towards buying herself.

10. After Aunt Nancy's untimely death, how does Mrs. Flint react?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the Preface, Jacobs explains that she changed the names of the characters in the text. Explain Jacobs' reasoning for doing this using examples from the text. Why does Jacob's change the names? If this is a non-fiction text, why does Jacobs change her own name? Why do some characters have no names at all?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the story, Linda wanted to buy her freedom from the Flint family, but at the end Linda was upset when Mrs. Bruce bought Linda her freedom. What events in Linda's life cause her to change her opinion? Can human beings really belong to someone else?

Essay Topic 3

A common theme throughout the text was Linda's fear. She had several fears, such as avoiding Dr. Flint's sexual advances. What are some of Linda's other fears throughout her life?

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