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Short Answer Questions

1. During Linda's meeting with the character in question #101, what information is discovered?

2. Which character does Linda meet with before she departs on her journey North?

3. Where does Linda leave Ellen when she travels to England?

4. In what year is the appendix written?

5. Who does Mr. Thorpe write a letter to, telling this person Linda's whereabouts?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Linda asked to accompany Mary Bruce on her trip to England?

2. To what lengths does Mrs. Bruce go to keep Linda employed?

3. How does Linda's reaction to Dr. Flint's death differ from her grandmother's reaction?

4. Describe in detail Linda's first meeting with Ellen in New York.

5. Describe in detail the similarities and differences between Steventon and slavery.

6. What are some of the hardships Aunt Nancy has to endure while being a slave in the Flint household?

7. Why is Linda skeptical of Mrs. Bruce buying her from Emily Dodge?

8. In Chapter 38, Linda returns to America to find that Benny has quit his apprenticeship and begun working on a whaling boat. What events cause Benny to leave?

9. While walking on the street, Linda runs into an old friend from her hometown. His name is Luke and he's had a particularly hard life as a slave. What are some of the hardships Luke has to endure?

10. Between trips with the Bruces, Linda goes to visit Ellen. She meets Ellen on the street and Ellen informs her that Mr. Thorpe is now staying with the Hobbs'. Why is Linda afraid of Mr. Thorpe?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Linda flees North she discovers that racial prejudice resides there as well as in the South. Define prejudice and describe how it affected Linda's life.

Essay Topic 2

In the Preface, Jacobs explains that she changed the names of the characters in the text. Explain Jacobs' reasoning for doing this using examples from the text. Why does Jacob's change the names? If this is a non-fiction text, why does Jacobs change her own name? Why do some characters have no names at all?

Essay Topic 3

What are the positive and negative aspects of the church's roles in slavery?

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