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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Flint want Aunt Nancy buried in a specific spot?
(a) To cause Linda's family hardship.
(b) To punish her even in death.
(c) To show what a valuable servant she was.
(d) To show Aunt Marthy that she was in control.

2. Where does Linda leave Benny when she travels to England?
(a) To apprentice a trade.
(b) She took him with her.
(c) Left him to fend for himself.
(d) Sent him to live with his father in her hometown.

3. Although Linda initially accepts the opportunity to escape, she is talked into staying. Who does Linda give her opportunity to?
(a) No One.
(b) Fanny.
(c) Aunt Marthy.
(d) Ellen.

4. What one lie does the author point out in the letter from Emily?
(a) That the family sold her son.
(b) That the family did not go to any trouble or expense to retrieve her.
(c) That the family sold her daughter.
(d) That the family was willing to sell her.

5. What does the letter from Linda's legal owner state?
(a) That Linda was no longer a slave.
(b) That Aunt Marthy was returned to slavery.
(c) That Benny and Ellen had been captured and sold.
(d) That she was 'cordially invited' to join them on their plantation in Virgina.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who else also writes a brief paragraph in the appendix?

2. Who does Linda receive letters from quite often even though this person is illiterate?

3. How does Mrs. Bruce react to the news that Linda confesses to her?

4. Who is unable to attend Aunt Nancy's funeral?

5. How does Linda escape from the South?

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