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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mr. Sands feel about William's work ethic?
(a) He is unsatisified with it.
(b) William never worked for Mr. Sands.
(c) He beats William until he changes.
(d) He is satisified with it.

2. How many miles does Linda have to walk to see her family?
(a) Six miles.
(b) Twenty miles.
(c) Ten miles.
(d) One mile.

3. How long does Linda stay in her hiding place?
(a) Days.
(b) Years.
(c) Minutes.
(d) Weeks.

4. The author anticipates that the reading public will judge her harshly for what action?
(a) Escaping to the North.
(b) Lying to her slaveholder.
(c) Having an affair.
(d) Bearing children out of wedlock.

5. What is Mr. Sands' response to Linda's demands?
(a) He is going to take the children and raise them as his own.
(b) He does not believe his children are slaves and would never treat them as such.
(c) His hands are tied because the children still belong to Dr. Flint's daughter.
(d) He is going to sell the children into slavery.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Flint do with the item Linda sends to her grandmother?

2. What does Linda take from her grandmother's house to make it appear as though she has run up North?

3. What name does Linda call her new hiding spot?

4. How does Linda receive a venomous snake bite?

5. Why does Linda risk coming out of hiding to talk to Mr. Sands?

Short Essay Questions

1. Linda meets with Mr. Sands before he heads off to Washington, D.C. Describe the conversation that occurs between Linda and Mr. Sands during this meeting.

2. How does Benny justify that there must be a Santa Claus when another child tells him that Santa is fake?

3. Why is Linda ashamed to have her children baptized in the church?

4. Explain why the pastor at the Episcopal Church is popular among slaves, but not popular among the slaveholders.

5. Why is New Year's Day a horrific day for most slaves?

6. Why is Linda sent to work on the young Mr. Flint's plantation?

7. Describe in detail how Linda is bitten by a venomous snake.

8. In Chapter 20, how does Dr. Flint react when he discovers Linda's children living happily in town with their great-grandmother?

9. Describe Mr. Sands' feelings toward William.

10. Describe some of the instances that occur on Mr. Litch's plantation.

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