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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Aunt Marthy and Linda related?
(a) Aunt Marthy is Linda's grandmother.
(b) Aunt Marthy is Linda's mother.
(c) Aunt Marthy is not related to Linda.
(d) Aunt Marthy is Linda's aunt.

2. Why is the author hesitant to write her book?
(a) She is afraid no one will believe her.
(b) She is not writing about facts.
(c) She is self-conscious about her lack of formal education.
(d) She is illiterate.

3. At what age does Linda first discover that she is a slave?
(a) Six years old.
(b) Eight years old.
(c) Eleven years old.
(d) Twenty years old.

4. What work does William perform for Dr. Flint?
(a) William is Dr. Flint's field foreman.
(b) William does not work for Dr. Flint.
(c) William works in the fields on Dr. Flint's plantation.
(d) William is Dr. Flint's medical assistant.

5. What tool does Linda use to make a hole in her hiding place?
(a) A gimlet.
(b) A knife.
(c) A hammer.
(d) A saw.

6. What part of Linda's life is unusually happy for a slave?
(a) Her adolesence.
(b) Her tweens.
(c) Her childhood.
(d) Her adulthood.

7. How does Mr. Sands feel about William's work ethic?
(a) He is unsatisified with it.
(b) William never worked for Mr. Sands.
(c) He beats William until he changes.
(d) He is satisified with it.

8. Where does Dr. Flint clearly believe Linda escapes to?
(a) The free states.
(b) England.
(c) Canada.
(d) Nowhere. Linda never escaped.

9. What event happens to Linda during her second winter in her den?
(a) She becomes very ill.
(b) Her grandmother dies.
(c) Dr. Flint finds out where she's hiding.
(d) Benny becomes very ill.

10. Why is Linda hiding in the swamps?
(a) The Flints find Linda and she flees to the swamps.
(b) She is waiting for a new secure hiding place.
(c) Linda's hider kicks her out and she had no other place to go.
(d) Linda enjoys the swamps.

11. What is posted within 24 hours of Linda's disappearance?
(a) Posters of Linda being hung.
(b) Nothing was posted because Linda never disappeared.
(c) Posters of Linda's children.
(d) Advertisements offering a reward for her capture.

12. After Linda rejects Dr. Flint for the final time, where does he send her to work?
(a) To his doctor offices.
(b) To work for Mr. Litch.
(c) To the plantation.
(d) Up North to work for a friend.

13. Who visits Aunt Marthy when she is ill?
(a) Benjamin Brett.
(b) Linda Brett.
(c) Jane Hoffman.
(d) Mrs. Flint.

14. The sexual abuse of young female slaves is...?
(a) Commonplace.
(b) Never occurs.
(c) Not mentioned in the story.
(d) Rare.

15. Where does Dr. Flint travel while searching for Linda?
(a) Ontario.
(b) London.
(c) Boston.
(d) New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. What news does Linda grace Dr. Flint with on the day she is to move into her new house?

2. What does Linda take from her grandmother's house to make it appear as though she has run up North?

3. For what political party does Mr. Sands run for office?

4. Who finds it difficult to adjust to life in bondage in Chapter 2?

5. Who does Linda bring with her to the plantation?

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