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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 41, Free at Last.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Aunt Marthy when she is ill?
(a) Linda Brett.
(b) Jane Hoffman.
(c) Mrs. Flint.
(d) Benjamin Brett.

2. While in Steventon, Linda witnesses severe poverty that she's never seen before. Although Linda feels sorry for these people, she also believes that they are lucky. Why does Linda feel this way?
(a) Linda knew that these people would eventually be sold into slavery.
(b) Linda did not feel sorry for these people, and thought they deserved poverty.
(c) Linda knew that these people had more money than the slaves.
(d) Linda knew that these poor people had the rights of the law to protect them.

3. Why is Linda upset by some of Benny's remarks when he arrives in Boston?
(a) She knew the remarks weren't true.
(b) She knew the remarks were true.
(c) She thought the remarks were rude.
(d) She thought the remarks were mean.

4. How do Linda and her grandmother feel when William is no longer a daily part of their lives?
(a) They feel happy.
(b) They feel anger.
(c) They feel nothing.
(d) They feel saddened.

5. Who does Linda run into on the street on her way to the Hobbs' residence?
(a) Ellen.
(b) Benny.
(c) Mr. Thorpe.
(d) Mrs. Bruce.

Short Answer Questions

1. Although Linda is saddened by the thought of sending her daughter off to boarding school, why does she still allow her to go?

2. Who complains about delivering meals to Linda?

3. Why doesn't Linda give her children their father's last name?

4. Who writes Emily Flint's letter to Linda?

5. Why do the slaves fear auction/hiring day?

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