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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24, The Candidate for Congress | Chapter 25, Competition in Cunning.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what time of day are the slaves allowed to attend church?
(a) In the early morning.
(b) In the middle of the night.
(c) In the afternoon.
(d) At midmight.

2. Who does Linda fall in love with?
(a) A free black man in her town.
(b) William.
(c) Dr. Flint.
(d) John.

3. Who does Linda have an affair with to thwart Dr. Flint's plan?
(a) Mr. Jones.
(b) Mr. Flint.
(c) Mr. Sands.
(d) Mr. Lover.

4. Linda's second child reveals the identity of which character?
(a) Her grandfather.
(b) Her master.
(c) Her father.
(d) Her grandmother.

5. Why doesn't Linda tell her family about her hiding place?
(a) So they can truthfully say they have no idea where she is.
(b) To protect her children.
(c) Linda never hid, so she had no reason to tell them anything.
(d) So they cannot turn her in to The Flint family.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character is jealous of Linda?

2. Whom does Aunt Marthy invite over for Christmas dinner?

3. What part of Linda's life is unusually happy for a slave?

4. What does Linda's lover propose to do for her?

5. What do the slaveholders tell the slaves about life in the Northern states?

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