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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37, A Visit to England.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event prompts Linda's town to have a muster?
(a) Nat Turner's insurrection.
(b) Benjamin's escape to the North.
(c) Linda's disappearance.
(d) The death of a slave.

2. Who informs Linda that her children have been sold?
(a) The Flints.
(b) Betty.
(c) Aunt Marthy.
(d) Mr. Sands.

3. Where does Linda leave Benny when she travels to England?
(a) Sent him to live with his father in her hometown.
(b) She took him with her.
(c) To apprentice a trade.
(d) Left him to fend for himself.

4. Whom does Aunt Marthy invite over for Christmas dinner?
(a) Linda.
(b) Uncle Phillip.
(c) Dr. Flint.
(d) Two slave hunters.

5. What is a muster?
(a) When a slave escapes to the North.
(b) When the white folks raid the homes of the slaves and free black people.
(c) When a slaveholder beats a slave.
(d) When a slave marries a free person.

Short Answer Questions

1. How often does the town usually have a muster?

2. Mr. Sands considers William to be a coworker and a what?

3. Who does Linda send for while hiding in a Northern city?

4. Which character does Linda meet with before she departs on her journey North?

5. Linda changes her mind, and goes ahead and flees North when someone spots her. Who is it?

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