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Short Answer Questions

1. When Mr. Slime arrives with news of the strike in Chapter 5, what is the reaction of the men?

2. What is the little boy afraid of as the preacher tries to convert him in Chapter 7?

3. Who does Ma tell Pa that he sees salvation in?

4. In Chapter 7, what does Trumper say Mr. Slime wants to put an end to?

5. What device does the author use to let the reader know that the head teacher likes to drink ?

Short Essay Questions

1. There are people known as "poor whites" on the island. What is their lot in life?

2. What is the relationship like between the villagers and the overseer?

3. Why do Trumper, Boy Blue and G. decide to come forward and receive salvation in the open-air meeting?

4. What does Ma do when she thinks she hears Pa snoring loudly one night?

5. How does the Foster family cope with the flood?

6. When Mr. Foster tells the villagers that the fighting in the city has something to do with the landlord, how do they react?

7. In what ways do the village overseers protect the villagers?

8. When Trumper, Boy Blue and G. observe the fisherman in Chapter 6, what is he doing? Describe his attitude.

9. What changes have people made in the village by Chapter 12 that Ma, according to Pa, would not have believed?

10. When the author compares the inspector and the head teacher in Chapter 3, how does he do so?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When the men from the city surround the villagers' homes, whom are they waiting to attack? Who or what does this person symbolize to them? What does the person who saves him represent?

Essay Topic 2

In the story of Bambi, Bambini and Bots end up fighting furiously over Bambi's dead body. Things are fine until the English woman tells Bambi he has to be married to one of them. When he marries Bots, things begin to go downhill for Bambi. How can this story be a parable for Barbados and England?

Essay Topic 3

A fisherman in Chapter 6 keeps trying to secure his net in the sand, but the large waves continually loosen up the net.

Who do you think the fisherman symbolizes?

What do the large waves symbolize?

Why is the fisherman so angry and frustrated in the end?

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