In the Castle of My Skin Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does the author portray the village as being at war with itself in Chapter 1?

The villagers are at odds with one another on their own roads. Those who lived on other roads are gossiped about. There is an invisible battle line drawn between certain groups of neighbors.

2. What does the reader know about Pa and Ma?

The reader knows that Pa and Ma are the elders of the village. No one knows how old they are. Their real names are not known, so the villagers name them Pa and Ma.

3. G. sees things in the night that disturb him. What does he see?

G. is disturbed when he sees phantoms in the night while lying in bed. They have eyes of fire and bull's horns. When he closes his eyes, they leave. He punches at them, but ends up hitting the bed post.

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