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Chapter 1

• It is George, the author's, ninth birthday.

• It is raining, and G.'s home is developing leaks.

• The roads of the village are vanishing because of all the rain.

• G. cries because it is his birthday and it is a day of flooding.

• G.'s mother tells him it is a sin to not see that the consolation that his birthday brought him showers of blessings.

• It is the season of the floods.

• G. questions his mother about his ancestry.

• The village is portrayed as a cross section of roads to which its inhabitants feel an allegiance.

• G.'s pigeon dies due to his overfeeding it.

• The Foster family loses their home to the flood.

• G. sees phantoms in the dark in his bed.

Chapter 2

• G. is being bathed outside in his yard when some boys are trying to look over the fence at him.

• G.'s...

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