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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning does Williams give the reader about history at the beginning of "The Virtue of History"?
(a) History never lies.
(b) History is written by the victors.
(c) History is often bound by prejudice.
(d) History never tells the truth.

2. What does Williams admire about Poe's choice of words?
(a) Poe's words carry shades of other meanings that come from their usage elsewhere.
(b) Poe's words can be recognized out of context because they are so original.
(c) Poe's words are beautiful to listen to if you read them out loud.
(d) Poe's words are not associated with anything else but thoughts and ideas.

3. What kind of position is Jones' squadron in when the battle begins?
(a) Jones has 20 ships and is at a strong advantage.
(b) Jones has only three ships left and is at a severe disadvantage.
(c) Jones has fewer ships, but is in a better position geographically than the enemy is.
(d) Jones has the same number of ships as the enemy.

4. Why does Williams think that Burr did not get along with Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson?
(a) They campaigned against Burr when he ran for office.
(b) They favored a stronger central government than he did.
(c) They had not gotten along since the first time they had met.
(d) They did not approve of Burr's affairs with women.

5. Which of the following adjectives best describes the narrator's experience of Paris?
(a) Disorienting.
(b) Disquieting.
(c) Peaceful.
(d) Productive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Daniel Boone different from other settlers, according to the narrator?

2. What famous ship does Williams say that a slave ship is the counterpart to?

3. According to the narrator, what was Boone's emotional state when he lived alone in the wilderness for three months?

4. What happens to the barge that is towing John Paul Jones' ship?

5. What quality does Williams admire in the woman who lives in the "ramshackle castle" by the railroad tracks?

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