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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why isn't the French Conquest as severe as the Spanish one?
(a) The Spanish have many explorers to help but the French have only a couple.
(b) The Spanish want furs but the French want gold.
(c) The Spanish massacre Indians but the French just marry local women.
(d) The Spanish are much more gentle than the French.

2. How does Ponce de Leon die?
(a) He dies of old age.
(b) He dies of disease.
(c) He is killed by an Indian arrow.
(d) He is killed by his own men in a mutiny.

3. What title does the narrator give Raleigh?
(a) The Sword of the Queen.
(b) The Hand of the Queen.
(c) The Breath of the Queen.
(d) The Heart of the Queen.

4. Why are the Puritans important, according to the narrator?
(a) They are among the earliest European settlers.
(b) They begin to form the national character.
(c) They bring Christianity to the New World.
(d) They find a way to survive in an inclement environment.

5. Which of the following is one of the goals, listed by Cotton Mather, that the Puritans have in mind when they found their colonies?
(a) They want a man to be able to spend seven years in the community and be able to say that he had not heard one oath sworn.
(b) They want to be sure that every person in the community went to church every Sunday.
(c) They want to be certain that every person in the community had enough to eat and drink.
(d) They want to know that every child, rich or poor, in the community would be able to read the Bible.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of woman is Freydis?

2. What author does Gregory say is never accused of being insincere?

3. Why does "she" say that De Soto's men are beginning to hate him?

4. What are Bridget Bishop and Susanna Martin indicted for?

5. What people do Karlsefni and Snorri find in the New World?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Ponce de Leon travel around the Caribbean? What was his business there?

2. How does the cacique of Quigaltam react when De Soto tells him that De Soto is the "child of the sun" and must be obeyed and offered tribute?

3. What was shocking to the Puritans about slave society?

4. Why do the Puritan leaders think that Thomas Morton should not barter in guns or liquor?

5. What role does Williams say that Edgar Allen Poe plays in American literature?

6. What was Montezuma's life like in the capital?

7. What happens to Columbus' sailors when the weather is bad and the ships go through violent storms?

8. Why does Gregory think that history is important?

9. What does Williams think that Benjamin Franklin would say are the most important American virtues? Does Williams agree with Franklin? Why or why not?

10. Does Williams blame Cortez for what happened to Tenochtitlan?

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