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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What feature does Williams say most shapes Edgar Allen Poe's work?
(a) His ancestry.
(b) His locality.
(c) His education.
(d) His religion.

2. What does Williams say that people of color excel at, more so than any white person?
(a) Cleanliness and picking out beautiful fabrics to wear.
(b) Singing jazz music and spirituals.
(c) Dancing and playing sports.
(d) Cooking and planning a gourmet menu.

3. What does Poe call Longfellow?
(a) An ignoramus.
(b) A shyster.
(c) A plagiarist.
(d) A thief.

4. What does Jacataqua ask Aaron Burr to do?
(a) Eat with her.
(b) Fight. with her.
(c) Hunt with her.
(d) Sleep with her.

5. What characteristic drives Franklin's curiosity, according to one of the narrators of "Poor Richard"?
(a) Beauty.
(b) Thrift.
(c) Vexation.
(d) Timidity.

6. What does Williams say that Lincoln should be depicted as when a sculpture is made to memorialize him?
(a) A man.
(b) A scholar.
(c) A soldier.
(d) A woman.

7. Who is the only person in America who can live a life of leisure, like a gentleman, according to an early American saying that Franklin mentions?
(a) A child.
(b) A hog.
(c) The President.
(d) A housewife.

8. What does Williams say that Lincoln finds no relief from?
(a) Madness.
(b) Loneliness.
(c) Bewilderment.
(d) Debt.

9. Which Founding Father refers to Aaron Burr as dangerous?
(a) James Madison.
(b) Thomas Jefferson.
(c) Benjamin Franklin.
(d) Alexander Hamilton.

10. What state does Houston become Governor of, and later serve as a U.S. Senator from?
(a) New Mexico.
(b) Nevada.
(c) Arizona.
(d) Texas.

11. Who is the narrator for the second half of "Poor Richard"?
(a) An average American.
(b) William Carlos Williams.
(c) Benjamin Franklin.
(d) An American Indian.

12. What does Houston do after he resigns as Governor of Tennessee?
(a) He decides to go back to school.
(b) He settled down on a homestead and built a house.
(c) He joins the Indians who had been relocated to Arkansas.
(d) He goes West to explore.

13. What moral weakness does the narrator comment on in Washington?
(a) His refusal to free his slaves.
(b) His laziness.
(c) His fondness for women.
(d) His tendency to drink too much.

14. What does William Carlos Williams say is the most important thing to remember about people who are descended from Africans who were brought to the Americas in slavery?
(a) They were forced to endure inhumane conditions at sea.
(b) They have managed to thrive despite adversity.
(c) They speak many different languages.
(d) They bring a certain quality to America with them.

15. What event has distracted historians from telling the whole story about Burr?
(a) The French and Indian War.
(b) Shea's rebellion.
(c) The American Revolution.
(d) The duel with Alexander Hamilton.

Short Answer Questions

1. How can Boone's attitude toward Indians best be described?

2. What reason does the narrator give for believing that Americans have trouble understanding their own national character?

3. What kind of position is Jones' squadron in when the battle begins?

4. How does Jones say he reacted to the damage incurred by the Bon Homme Richard?

5. Why does John Paul Jones write to Benjamin Franklin in "Battle Between the Bon Homme Richard and the Serapis"?

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