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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Bridget Bishop and Susanna Martin indicted for?
(a) Drunkenness.
(b) Whoring.
(c) Stealing.
(d) Witchcraft.

2. Why does Queen Elizabeth call Raleigh back when he goes with the fleet to attack Spain?
(a) Because she is urgently in need of his advice.
(b) Because she has decided not to attack Spain.
(c) Because she intends to send him to the Americas instead.
(d) Because he has seduced one of her maids.

3. Who does Gregory say is depicted more boldly by Williams than by any other writer?
(a) Aaron Burr.
(b) Abraham Lincoln.
(c) George Washington.
(d) Cotton Mather.

4. What would Gregory be most likely to describe history as?
(a) A story written only by the winners.
(b) A science in its own right.
(c) A compendium of dates, data, and quotations.
(d) A tapestry of culture and stories.

5. Why do Ponce de Leon and his men travel north?
(a) To find new land for Spain.
(b) To find gold.
(c) To find food and water.
(d) To find the fountain of youth.

6. Who does the narrator say that the Puritans went on to persecute later?
(a) The Spanish.
(b) The Quakers.
(c) The atheists.
(d) The Indians.

7. Why is Ponce de Leon free to go exploring in Florida?
(a) He has been relieved of his job as Governor.
(b) He is not free to go, but goes anyway.
(c) He is independently wealthy and can do as he pleases.
(d) He has already accomplished all that he came for.

8. Based on the passage narrated by Eric the Red, which phrase do you think best describes Eric's character?
(a) Evil and malicious.
(b) Rigid and formal.
(c) Good-natured and affectionate.
(d) Deeply religious.

9. How does Freydis handle her quarrel with the two brothers, Helgi and Finnbogi?
(a) She talks to her neighbors about the brothers, turning the community against them until they are forced into exile.
(b) She steals property from the brothers and refuses to give it back, claiming that it will compensate her for the quarrel.
(c) She goes to court against the brothers and sues them, winning her case and forcing them to pay a fine.
(d) She tricks her husband into killing them, and kills the women of their household herself.

10. Who is Freydis?
(a) Eric the Red's wife.
(b) Eric the Red's daughter.
(c) Eric the Red's sister.
(d) Eric the Red's lover.

11. What adjective does the narrator use to describe the Pilgrims' eagerness to share their beliefs?
(a) Fierce.
(b) Bold.
(c) Hard-working.
(d) Dreadful.

12. Toward the end of the introduction, Gregory quotes the following passage: "Question him in hell, O Muse, where he has gone, and when there is an answer, sing and make clear the reasons that he gave for that last blow. Why did he send his son into that tropic jungle and not go himself, upon so dangerous an errand?" Why does Gregory include this quote?
(a) To show the lyricism of Williams' prose.
(b) To demonstrate that history must judge the actions of historical figures.
(c) To suggest that even Williams cannot answer all of history's questions.
(d) To prove that Walter Raleigh was a coward.

13. Why does "she" say that De Soto's men are beginning to hate him?
(a) Because they have become infected with diseases and are experiencing epidemics.
(b) Because they are worried that they will never make it back to Spain.
(c) Because they are afraid that they will all be killed in battle.
(d) Because he has subjected them to many hardships and they have found no gold.

14. How does the narrator describe the descendants of the Puritans?
(a) As malfeasant ghosts.
(b) As a "race incapable of flower."
(c) As profane and lusty seamen.
(d) As beloved friends.

15. What happens to Columbus when he finally makes it back to Spain?
(a) He loses his religious faith and decides to leave the Church.
(b) The King and Queen refuse to finance any future trips to the New World.
(c) Storms make it impossible to set sail again for several months.
(d) He is accused of making a deal with the King of Portugal.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much time does Samuel de Champlain spend in North America before he is permitted to establish a French colony?

2. What does Eric the Red say that his life is like now that he has been exiled?

3. What does Cortez think when he enters the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan?

4. What does Gregory say about the way in which the reputation of In the American Grain grew?

5. What happens when Thorgest tries to steal from Eric the Red?

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