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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Queen Elizabeth call Raleigh back when he goes with the fleet to attack Spain?
(a) Because she intends to send him to the Americas instead.
(b) Because she has decided not to attack Spain.
(c) Because he has seduced one of her maids.
(d) Because she is urgently in need of his advice.

2. Who is "beautiful as a cane box"?
(a) De Soto.
(b) The male narrator.
(c) The Tuscaloosa.
(d) The female narrator.

3. What does Columbus think of the New World when he reaches it?
(a) He thinks that he would like to build a house and live there himself.
(b) He thinks it is the most beautiful place he has ever seen.
(c) He thinks that it is too desolate to have any worthwhile resources.
(d) He thinks that it is far too hot and humid for his taste.

4. What does Columbus do when he thinks the ship might capsize?
(a) He curses the day he ever set out to find the New World.
(b) He has a meeting of his crew and asks everyone to try his best.
(c) He prays that the ship will make it back to Spain.
(d) He puts a note in a cask and throws it into the sea.

5. Which of the following is one of the goals, listed by Cotton Mather, that the Puritans have in mind when they found their colonies?
(a) They want to be sure that every person in the community went to church every Sunday.
(b) They want a man to be able to spend seven years in the community and be able to say that he had not heard one oath sworn.
(c) They want to be certain that every person in the community had enough to eat and drink.
(d) They want to know that every child, rich or poor, in the community would be able to read the Bible.

6. Why does Columbus count fewer leagues than he knows he has traveled?
(a) He is trying to trick the King and Queen by giving them false information in his letters.
(b) He is trying to test a new system of measurement to see which is most accurate.
(c) He is trying to reassure the crew that they have not traveled as far without seeing land as they think they have.
(d) He is trying to check his navigational instruments to be sure that they are working properly.

7. What does Columbus want to do instead of traveling to the New World again?
(a) He wants to visit his family members in Portugal.
(b) He wants to go on vacation to someplace warm and tropical.
(c) He wants to go on a pilgrimmage to holy places.
(d) He wants to circumnavigate the globe.

8. Which of the following quotations reveals Williams' opinion of Cortez?
(a) "Courageous almost beyond precedent, tactful, resourceful in misfortune..."
(b) "Spain cannot be blamed for the crassness of the discoverers."
(c) "...Nothing at the present moment seemed to disturb his aristocratic reserve."
(d) "With the force bred of a determination to face at any cost a situation fast going beyond his control..."

9. Which chapter does Gregory say is in some ways the product of the era in which it was written?
(a) The chapter on Daniel Boone.
(b) The chapter on John Paul Jones.
(c) The chapter on Cotton Mather.
(d) The chapter on Christopher Columbus.

10. What prevents Raleigh from going to the Virginia colonies?
(a) The death of his son.
(b) The death of the queen.
(c) His own death.
(d) The death of his wife.

11. What happens when Raleigh returns to England after his son's death?
(a) He is stripped of his knighthood.
(b) He is knighted.
(c) He is beheaded.
(d) He is sent away on another voyage.

12. What happens to Cortez when the Aztecs counterattack from outside the city?
(a) He loses everything and has to flee with his men.
(b) He is forced to negotiate a temporary treaty in order to escape with his life.
(c) He and his men defeat them easily.
(d) He and his men win after a long battle.

13. Who or what is Mabilla?
(a) The river along which De Soto and his men were traveling.
(b) The place Do Soto had heard of, called a "country toward the rising sun."
(c) The town where the Tuscaloosa attacked De Soto and his men.
(d) The woman who traveled with De Soto and translated for him.

14. What explanation does the narrator give for the Puritans' lack of imagination?
(a) They do not have materials with which to exercise their creativity.
(b) They think their lives depend on doing things the same way every time.
(c) They are afraid being imaginative would cut them off from the others.
(d) They believe that God does not approve of imagination.

15. Who does the narrator address "Sir Walter Raleigh" to?
(a) Queen Elizabeth.
(b) The reader.
(c) The Muse.
(d) Sir Walter Raleigh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Columbus profit from his trips to the New World?

2. What does the narrator admire about the Pilgrims?

3. What incident "greatly annoys" Champlain and delays the construction of Quebec?

4. What pet is Ponce de Leon especially attached to?

5. Who tells Ponce de Leon there is a fountain of youth?

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