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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who or what is Mabilla?
(a) The place Do Soto had heard of, called a "country toward the rising sun."
(b) The river along which De Soto and his men were traveling.
(c) The town where the Tuscaloosa attacked De Soto and his men.
(d) The woman who traveled with De Soto and translated for him.

2. Why do the Puritans disapprove of Thomas Morton?
(a) He barters guns and liquor to Indians.
(b) He does not pay his taxes.
(c) He does not believe in God.
(d) He is not married.

3. Does Columbus profit from his trips to the New World?
(a) No, but at least the voyages do not harm him financially.
(b) Yes, he is able to sell many things that he took from the islands.
(c) No, he is left financially ruined and impoverished.
(d) Yes, he is rewarded with all the gold he could ever want.

4. What does the narrator say that the Puritans should be praised for?
(a) Their warmth.
(b) Their intelligence.
(c) Their spirit.
(d) Their toughness.

5. Based on the passage narrated by Eric the Red, which phrase do you think best describes Eric's character?
(a) Deeply religious.
(b) Good-natured and affectionate.
(c) Evil and malicious.
(d) Rigid and formal.

6. Why does Cortez finally burn the city?
(a) To kill the inhabitants of the city who were trapped inside.
(b) To give glory to the Christian God by destroying temples full of idols.
(c) To demoralize the Aztecs so that they would stop resisting him so fiercely.
(d) To destroy a place which would have given refuge to the forces that were opposing him.

7. What incident "greatly annoys" Champlain and delays the construction of Quebec?
(a) A battle with the Indians.
(b) A fur trade dispute with a Basque ship.
(c) A disagreement among the settlers about where to locate the city.
(d) A very severe series of thunderstorms.

8. What does Williams think was the motive of the person who told Ponce de Leon there was a fountain of youth?
(a) A desire to help.
(b) Love.
(c) Revenge.
(d) Storytelling.

9. Why does the narrator say that Raleigh is now in Hell?
(a) He was an atheist.
(b) He broke Queen Elizabeth's heart.
(c) He had no regard for the safety of his colonists.
(d) He sent his son on a mission that got him killed.

10. What does the narrator say about the Puritan soul?
(a) It is rich and nourishing.
(b) It is large and generous.
(c) It is small and empty.
(d) It is kind and warmhearted.

11. Who is Thomas Morton?
(a) A colonist.
(b) A soldier.
(c) A historian.
(d) A writer.

12. Which statement shows that Gregory believes that most people revere history without understanding it?
(a) "The serious historian of the ancient world is careful never to forget his Homer."
(b) "There must be imagination at work to discern the fabulae of history."
(c) "In the reading and interpretation of history everything falls dead unless that reality is perceived."
(d) "History, like poetry, is an ancient trap laid for the credulous and narrow-minded."

13. What people do Karlsefni and Snorri find in the New World?
(a) The Skrellings.
(b) The Inuit.
(c) The Abenaki.
(d) The Iroquois.

14. What happens when Montezuma asks his people not to fight back against the Spanish?
(a) He is hit on the head by a stone, which kills him.
(b) He convinces the Aztecs to lay down their arms peacefully.
(c) He frightens the Aztecs and they run away.
(d) He stirs the Aztecs to resist even more fiercely than before.

15. When Champlain advocates on behalf of building a colony, what is the one personal favor he asks of the King of France?
(a) A grant of supplies and men.
(b) A gift of firearms for defense and for trade.
(c) A monopoly of the fur trade for three years.
(d) A priest and doctor who could live in the colony.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ponce de Leon die?

2. Why does Columbus count fewer leagues than he knows he has traveled?

3. How does the death of Juan Ortiz affect De Soto?

4. What does Eric the Red say that his life is like now that he has been exiled?

5. What happens to Thomas Morton as a result of the Maypole celebration?

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