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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Virtue of History Aaron Burr.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Based on the passage narrated by Eric the Red, which phrase do you think best describes Eric's character?
(a) Rigid and formal.
(b) Good-natured and affectionate.
(c) Deeply religious.
(d) Evil and malicious.

2. What event has distracted historians from telling the whole story about Burr?
(a) The French and Indian War.
(b) The duel with Alexander Hamilton.
(c) Shea's rebellion.
(d) The American Revolution.

3. Which Founding Father refers to Aaron Burr as dangerous?
(a) Benjamin Franklin.
(b) James Madison.
(c) Alexander Hamilton.
(d) Thomas Jefferson.

4. Which of the following names does the narrator call Raleigh?
(a) Explorer of the Orinoco.
(b) The planter who never planted.
(c) The new King.
(d) James' man.

5. What adjective does Williams use to describe Champlain?
(a) Opportunist.
(b) Primitive.
(c) Delightful.
(d) Loving.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the Aztecs have two aqueducts?

2. Why does Queen Elizabeth call Raleigh back when he goes with the fleet to attack Spain?

3. Why are the Puritans important, according to the narrator?

4. What title does the narrator give Raleigh?

5. Who does Columbus write to while he is on his return voyage?

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