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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Poor Richard Benjamin Franklin.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why isn't the French Conquest as severe as the Spanish one?
(a) The Spanish want furs but the French want gold.
(b) The Spanish are much more gentle than the French.
(c) The Spanish massacre Indians but the French just marry local women.
(d) The Spanish have many explorers to help but the French have only a couple.

2. Which of the following statements shows that Eric the Red has accepted his fate?
(a) "...this is what they say: Eric, son of evil, come and be forgiven."
(b) "One or the other of us had to die, under the natural circumstance."
(c) "This is my portion. I do not call it not to my liking. Hardship lives in me."
(d) "Eric the Red is a marked man, beyond the law, so it would seem..."

3. What does Cortez think when he enters the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan?
(a) He looks upon it as an impoverished village.
(b) He mentally calculates the number of slaves that could be captured.
(c) He thinks it is wonderful and magnificent.
(d) He wonders where the gold is.

4. Who or what is Mabilla?
(a) The river along which De Soto and his men were traveling.
(b) The place Do Soto had heard of, called a "country toward the rising sun."
(c) The woman who traveled with De Soto and translated for him.
(d) The town where the Tuscaloosa attacked De Soto and his men.

5. Which of the following is NOT a term used by the narrator to describe Queen Elizabeth?
(a) Virginia.
(b) Atheist.
(c) Worm.
(d) Fairy Queen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Based on the passage narrated by Eric the Red, which phrase do you think best describes Eric's character?

2. What does Columbus want to do instead of traveling to the New World again?

3. How does Montezuma treat hungry people in the capital?

4. What characteristic drives Franklin's curiosity, according to one of the narrators of "Poor Richard"?

5. How much time does Samuel de Champlain spend in North America before he is permitted to establish a French colony?

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