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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The May-Pole at Merry Mount.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Columbus count fewer leagues than he knows he has traveled?
(a) He is trying to trick the King and Queen by giving them false information in his letters.
(b) He is trying to reassure the crew that they have not traveled as far without seeing land as they think they have.
(c) He is trying to check his navigational instruments to be sure that they are working properly.
(d) He is trying to test a new system of measurement to see which is most accurate.

2. What is the moral of the story about the rough sailor who falls sick, dies, and is thrown overboard?
(a) The sea can hide any secret.
(b) God smites those who use profanity.
(c) What happens to the body is not important.
(d) Good hygiene was the key to survival on ships.

3. Who is Freydis?
(a) Eric the Red's daughter.
(b) Eric the Red's sister.
(c) Eric the Red's wife.
(d) Eric the Red's lover.

4. What does Gregory think that In the American Grain is meant to do for the American national identity?
(a) Celebrate it.
(b) Criticize it.
(c) Mock it.
(d) Shape it.

5. How does Montezuma try to get Cortez to stay on the coast and not enter the interior?
(a) He sends gifts to Cortez.
(b) He sends poisoned food.
(c) He sends troops to attack.
(d) He sends a threatening letter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Cortez when the Aztecs counterattack from outside the city?

2. Why does Williams criticize historian A. C. Adams at the beginning of "The May-Pole at Merry Mount"?

3. When does De Soto plan to send word about his expedition to Maldonado?

4. What is the overall tone of Williams' remarks about the Puritans?

5. How does the death of Juan Ortiz affect De Soto?

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