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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Voyage of the Mayflower.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Thorgest tries to steal from Eric the Red?
(a) Eric the Red tries to remove his property, but Eric the Red's two sons are killed in the melee.
(b) Eric the Red has to give in and let Thorgest take his property.
(c) Eric the Red decides to steal from Thorgest in return, on his way into exile.
(d) Eric the Red removes his property, and in the ensuing chase, two of Thorgest's sons are killed.

2. Which of the following quotations reveals Williams' opinion of Cortez?
(a) "With the force bred of a determination to face at any cost a situation fast going beyond his control..."
(b) "...Nothing at the present moment seemed to disturb his aristocratic reserve."
(c) "Courageous almost beyond precedent, tactful, resourceful in misfortune..."
(d) "Spain cannot be blamed for the crassness of the discoverers."

3. What prevents Raleigh from going to the Virginia colonies?
(a) The death of his wife.
(b) The death of his son.
(c) The death of the queen.
(d) His own death.

4. What does the following sentence mean? "Rather the ice than their way: to take what is mine by single strength, theirs by the crookedness of their law."
(a) Eric the Red feels remorseful about the murder he committed and willingly accepts punishment.
(b) Eric the Red prefers places that are cold and icy.
(c) Eric the Red considers his unjust exile to be more honorable than staying in Iceland.
(d) Eric the Red has chosen to leave Iceland of his own accord.

5. How does Freydis handle her quarrel with the two brothers, Helgi and Finnbogi?
(a) She steals property from the brothers and refuses to give it back, claiming that it will compensate her for the quarrel.
(b) She talks to her neighbors about the brothers, turning the community against them until they are forced into exile.
(c) She tricks her husband into killing them, and kills the women of their household herself.
(d) She goes to court against the brothers and sues them, winning her case and forcing them to pay a fine.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his conclusion, what word does Gregory use to characterize Williams' prose?

2. Who is "beautiful as a cane box"?

3. Who is Freydis?

4. Which chapter does Gregory say is in some ways the product of the era in which it was written?

5. What does Williams think was the motive of the person who told Ponce de Leon there was a fountain of youth?

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