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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Voyage of the Mayflower.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Columbus on his return from his second voyage?
(a) He is forced to leave and sail to England instead.
(b) He is refused permission to land in Spain even though there was a terrible storm.
(c) He has to travel many miles out of his way because of a storm.
(d) He is forced to turn back and sail to the New World again.

2. What does the following sentence mean? "Rather the ice than their way: to take what is mine by single strength, theirs by the crookedness of their law."
(a) Eric the Red has chosen to leave Iceland of his own accord.
(b) Eric the Red feels remorseful about the murder he committed and willingly accepts punishment.
(c) Eric the Red prefers places that are cold and icy.
(d) Eric the Red considers his unjust exile to be more honorable than staying in Iceland.

3. How does Montezuma try to get Cortez to stay on the coast and not enter the interior?
(a) He sends a threatening letter.
(b) He sends troops to attack.
(c) He sends poisoned food.
(d) He sends gifts to Cortez.

4. What does the narrator say that the Puritans should be praised for?
(a) Their warmth.
(b) Their toughness.
(c) Their spirit.
(d) Their intelligence.

5. Who or what is Mabilla?
(a) The river along which De Soto and his men were traveling.
(b) The town where the Tuscaloosa attacked De Soto and his men.
(c) The place Do Soto had heard of, called a "country toward the rising sun."
(d) The woman who traveled with De Soto and translated for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Queen Elizabeth call Raleigh back when he goes with the fleet to attack Spain?

2. Where do De Soto and his men retreat to after the Indians burn their camp?

3. What does Eric the Red say that his life is like now that he has been exiled?

4. What happens when Raleigh returns to England after his son's death?

5. Which of the following is NOT a term used by the narrator to describe Queen Elizabeth?

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