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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through DeSoto and the New World.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the death of Juan Ortiz affect De Soto?
(a) It leaves him without a doctor.
(b) It leaves him without a single soldier who knows the way back.
(c) It makes him feel lonely and wish he had a friend.
(d) It leaves him without a translator.

2. How does Montezuma treat hungry people in the capital?
(a) He opens his larder to all who wish to eat and drink.
(b) He refuses to feed the hungry, demanding instead that they pay tribute to him.
(c) He gives everyone who comes into the city a small ration of food.
(d) He offers food to anyone who is willing to do some work.

3. Why do Ponce de Leon and his men travel north?
(a) To find the fountain of youth.
(b) To find food and water.
(c) To find gold.
(d) To find new land for Spain.

4. Toward the end of the introduction, Gregory quotes the following passage: "Question him in hell, O Muse, where he has gone, and when there is an answer, sing and make clear the reasons that he gave for that last blow. Why did he send his son into that tropic jungle and not go himself, upon so dangerous an errand?" Why does Gregory include this quote?
(a) To prove that Walter Raleigh was a coward.
(b) To show the lyricism of Williams' prose.
(c) To demonstrate that history must judge the actions of historical figures.
(d) To suggest that even Williams cannot answer all of history's questions.

5. Where do De Soto and his men retreat to after the Indians burn their camp?
(a) Chicacilla.
(b) Cutifachiqui.
(c) Anhaica Apalachi.
(d) Mabilla.

Short Answer Questions

1. What author does Gregory say is never accused of being insincere?

2. What does Montezuma tell Cortez?

3. What does Eric the Red say that his life is like now that he has been exiled?

4. What does Cortez think when he enters the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan?

5. What do Indian envoys bring to De Soto and his men?

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