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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through DeSoto and the New World.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the Greenlanders fight with the people they meet in the New World?
(a) The Greenlanders are defeated by the people of the New World and flee in shame.
(b) Helgi and Finnbogi save Freydis' life, rescuing her just as their enemies in the New World were about to kill her.
(c) Eric the Red appears with a group of young Greenlander sailors, and the Greenlanders gain the advantage in the fight.
(d) The other Greenlanders begin to flee, but Freydis grabs a sword and fights so hard that she frightens their enemies into fleeing.

2. What does Gregory think that In the American Grain is meant to do for the American national identity?
(a) Criticize it.
(b) Celebrate it.
(c) Shape it.
(d) Mock it.

3. Who is Freydis?
(a) Eric the Red's daughter.
(b) Eric the Red's lover.
(c) Eric the Red's wife.
(d) Eric the Red's sister.

4. What does Eric the Red say that his life is like now that he has been exiled?
(a) He is lonely and despondent.
(b) People can steal from him at will.
(c) He is more well-admired than ever before.
(d) People try to kill him when they see him.

5. Based on the passage narrated by Eric the Red, which phrase do you think best describes Eric's character?
(a) Good-natured and affectionate.
(b) Rigid and formal.
(c) Evil and malicious.
(d) Deeply religious.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Columbus think of the New World when he reaches it?

2. Where does Eric the Red go to start over?

3. How does Williams suggest that Ponce de Leon feels when he hears about Cortez and the wealth of Montezuma?

4. How do the Spanish justify killing so many peaceful islanders?

5. Williams, referring to the King's and Queen's promises to Columbus, remarks, "What power had such ridiculous little promises to stay a man against that terrific downpour on the brink of which they were all floating?". What promises is Williams referring to?

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