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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Destruction of Tenochtitlan.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Columbus' point when he makes the following statement: "I was twenty-eight years old when I came into your Highnesses' service, and now I have not a hair upon me that is not gray; my body is infirm..."
(a) He has been a dedicated servant of the King and Queen for his entire life.
(b) He is worried about who will take on his work after he dies.
(c) He feels that he should be allowed to see a doctor.
(d) He is sorry to see that the best years of his life are behind him.

2. How often does Montezuma change his clothes?
(a) Four times a week.
(b) Four times a day.
(c) Four times a year.
(d) Four times a month.

3. What does Gregory think that In the American Grain is meant to do for the American national identity?
(a) Celebrate it.
(b) Criticize it.
(c) Mock it.
(d) Shape it.

4. What is the outcome of Freydis' actions?
(a) Freydis becomes a politician and the leader of her community.
(b) Freydis is tried in criminal court and jailed for her actions.
(c) Freydis is exiled from her community like Eric the Red.
(d) Freydis' family is always thought to be evil after that.

5. What kind of woman is Freydis?
(a) Dedicated.
(b) Foolish.
(c) Submissive.
(d) Fierce.

Short Answer Questions

1. Toward the end of the introduction, Gregory quotes the following passage: "Question him in hell, O Muse, where he has gone, and when there is an answer, sing and make clear the reasons that he gave for that last blow. Why did he send his son into that tropic jungle and not go himself, upon so dangerous an errand?" Why does Gregory include this quote?

2. What happens to Columbus on his return from his second voyage?

3. Which chapter does Gregory say is in some ways the product of the era in which it was written?

4. What does the following sentence mean? "Rather the ice than their way: to take what is mine by single strength, theirs by the crookedness of their law."

5. Who does Columbus write to while he is on his return voyage?

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