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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Advent of the Slaves.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cortez think when he enters the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan?
(a) He looks upon it as an impoverished village.
(b) He thinks it is wonderful and magnificent.
(c) He wonders where the gold is.
(d) He mentally calculates the number of slaves that could be captured.

2. Which of the following quotations reveals Williams' opinion of Cortez?
(a) "With the force bred of a determination to face at any cost a situation fast going beyond his control..."
(b) "...Nothing at the present moment seemed to disturb his aristocratic reserve."
(c) "Courageous almost beyond precedent, tactful, resourceful in misfortune..."
(d) "Spain cannot be blamed for the crassness of the discoverers."

3. Why do the Aztecs have two aqueducts?
(a) So that one can supply one half of the city, and the other can supply the other half.
(b) So that one can be used while the other is being cleaned.
(c) So that enough water can be provided for the needs of the emperor and his entourage.
(d) So that one can be used to carry water out, and the other to carry water in.

4. How much time does Samuel de Champlain spend in North America before he is permitted to establish a French colony?
(a) Five years.
(b) Three years.
(c) Fifteen years.
(d) Ten years.

5. What event has distracted historians from telling the whole story about Burr?
(a) Shea's rebellion.
(b) The French and Indian War.
(c) The duel with Alexander Hamilton.
(d) The American Revolution.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ponce de Leon die?

2. What does the narrator admire about the Pilgrims?

3. What is Williams trying to tell the reader about Columbus when he quotes details about how harrowing the storms at sea during Columbus' voyages were?

4. Why do the Puritans disapprove of Thomas Morton?

5. What pet is Ponce de Leon especially attached to?

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