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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sir Walter Raleigh.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Cortez finally burn the city?
(a) To give glory to the Christian God by destroying temples full of idols.
(b) To destroy a place which would have given refuge to the forces that were opposing him.
(c) To kill the inhabitants of the city who were trapped inside.
(d) To demoralize the Aztecs so that they would stop resisting him so fiercely.

2. Why is Ponce de Leon free to go exploring in Florida?
(a) He is not free to go, but goes anyway.
(b) He is independently wealthy and can do as he pleases.
(c) He has been relieved of his job as Governor.
(d) He has already accomplished all that he came for.

3. What happens when Ponce de Leon and his men first land among the Caribs?
(a) The Caribs kidnap their women and shoot their dog.
(b) They make peace with the Caribs and do not have to fight.
(c) They slaughter the Caribs, leaving none alive.
(d) The Caribs welcome them with open arms and a big feast.

4. What people do Karlsefni and Snorri find in the New World?
(a) The Abenaki.
(b) The Inuit.
(c) The Iroquois.
(d) The Skrellings.

5. How does the narrator describe the coastline of North America?
(a) As a land rich in mineral resources.
(b) As a land of plenty.
(c) As a swamp-infested hell.
(d) As a wilderness full of savages.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do many of the Indians react when the Spanish begin to enslave them?

2. What is Tenochtitlan like?

3. What happens when Montezuma asks his people not to fight back against the Spanish?

4. What is Williams trying to tell the reader about Columbus when he quotes details about how harrowing the storms at sea during Columbus' voyages were?

5. Why does the narrator say that Raleigh is now in Hell?

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