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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Jacataqua.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Bridget Bishop attempts to plead not guilty?
(a) She is allowed to speak on her own behalf.
(b) She is convicted of gross lying in the court.
(c) She is tortured until she confesses.
(d) She is denied the chance to hear the witnesses against her.

2. What do Indian envoys bring to De Soto and his men?
(a) Live pigs, horses, and dogs.
(b) Gold, silver, and pearls.
(c) Berries, animal skins, and meat.
(d) Handmade tools, sewing needles and tents.

3. Where do De Soto and his men retreat to after the Indians burn their camp?
(a) Mabilla.
(b) Anhaica Apalachi.
(c) Cutifachiqui.
(d) Chicacilla.

4. How does Williams say that intense emotions affect our perceptions of things?
(a) They make everything harder.
(b) They make everything better.
(c) They make everything confusing.
(d) They make everything larger.

5. What is De Soto looking for?
(a) Food.
(b) Treasure.
(c) Slaves.
(d) The Fountain of Youth

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does "she" say that De Soto's men are beginning to hate him?

2. Where does De Soto begin his journey into the North American mainland?

3. Who is Juan Ortiz?

4. What does Williams say that Americans think they will lose if they were ever to serve another person?

5. Which of the following is one of the goals, listed by Cotton Mather, that the Puritans have in mind when they found their colonies?

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