Objects & Places from In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle

Madeleine Blais
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This is the main setting of the book and the location where the action largely takes place. The small town is home to three colleges, and its inhabitants are described as progressive, well-educated, and financially stable.


This town of approximately 28,000 people hosts the rival team of the Amherst Lady Hurricanes. Their mascot is the Blue Devil.


This is the name of the gym that Jamila took Kristin to play hoops when Kristin felt she had lost her fire for the game.

Hoop Phi

This is the slogan for the team that Jamila introduced.

The Yellow Cadillac

This is the name that the Hurricanes team members gave to their school bus.

The Locker Room

In this location, the team members are led by Jamila and Jen on most occasions. This is where team members give their pre-game speeches.

Jen's Wall

This location in the book is...

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