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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Puerto Plata?
(a) In the jungle
(b) Near the border
(c) Along the shore
(d) In the mountains

2. How did Patria die?
(a) She was stabbed
(b) She was beaten to death
(c) She was poisoned
(d) She was shot

3. What does Minerva fear as she heads to visit her husband?
(a) A bomb
(b) An ambush
(c) All of these
(d) Her husband will be dead

4. What happens when Minerva tries to call her house after visiting her husband?
(a) The conversation is recorded
(b) The line is busy
(c) The line has a lot of static
(d) The phone breaks

5. Why does Minerva travel with Patria when she visits her husband?
(a) She is scared to go alone
(b) She loves her sister
(c) All of these listed
(d) They are in the same place

6. What kind of prisoners is Mary Teresa kept with?
(a) Homicidal prisoners
(b) Political prisoners
(c) All those listed here
(d) Theological prisoners

7. Which of the following is NOT arrested?
(a) Patria
(b) Mary Teresa
(c) Nelson
(d) Pedrito

8. What makes life dangerous for Mercedes while her family is in prison?
(a) She is poor
(b) Her family name is slandered
(c) Rebels visit her often
(d) Her house is under surveillance

9. Where does the family members not arrested stay while others are in prison?
(a) Rebel headquarters
(b) Dede’s house
(c) Mercedes’s house
(d) The farm

10. What title does Victor have?
(a) Commandant
(b) Colonel
(c) Captain
(d) Commander

11. Where does Trujillo talk about his biggest obstacles?
(a) A dinner party
(b) A public meeting
(c) The prison
(d) His council

12. How does Margarita help the family?
(a) She brings them food
(b) She comforts them
(c) She distracts Victor
(d) She gets packages sent to the prison

13. What does Trujillo say is his second biggest obstacle?
(a) The United States
(b) The Mirabal sisters
(c) The church
(d) The soldiers

14. Who is Rufino?
(a) The guard
(b) The doctor
(c) The chauffer
(d) The messenger

15. Who writes about Minerva’s death?
(a) Pedrito
(b) Margarita
(c) Dede
(d) Mercedes

Short Answer Questions

1. How many women are in the cell with Minerva?

2. What happens after Manolo surrenders?

3. What do Dede and Lio discuss when they see each other after her sisters’ murder?

4. Who raises the children of the murdered sisters?

5. Where are inspectors for the prison sent from?

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