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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary Teresa have to do when Hilda is caught?
(a) Hide Minerva
(b) Testify against her
(c) Bury her diary
(d) Call her father

2. What does Minerva win with her play?
(a) A chance to perform for Trujillo
(b) A night with Trujillo
(c) A medal of honor
(d) A scholarship

3. Who does Mary Teresa marry?
(a) Leandro
(b) Louis
(c) Lio
(d) Lando

4. What is Trujillo’s first name?
(a) Raffael
(b) Ramir
(c) Raul
(d) Rancho

5. Who stops Trujillo from being killed during Minerva’s play?
(a) A guard
(b) Minerva
(c) Sinita
(d) Trujillo’s son

6. Who visits with Minerva’s family for a time?
(a) Magdalena
(b) Mary Teresa
(c) Hilda
(d) Dede

7. Who gets the person Trujillo arrests after the party free from prison?
(a) Patria
(b) Mary Teresa
(c) Mercedes
(d) All of the above

8. Why does Lio have to flee the country?
(a) He is a rebel
(b) His travel visa expires
(c) He is on a mission
(d) He owes money

9. What is shocking about the man who gets Lina pregnant?
(a) All things listed here
(b) He is married
(c) He has an image to protect
(d) He is a leader

10. Why is it strange for Minerva’s family to leave early from an important party?
(a) Trujillo has not left yet
(b) It is illegal
(c) The dinner hasn’t been served yet
(d) They are the guests of honor

11. What helps Patria regain her faith?
(a) She gets a letter from her father
(b) She hears the Virgin speak to her
(c) She gets pregnant again
(d) She has a dream

12. Why does Minerva perform a play?
(a) It is an assignment
(b) Sinita needs something to cheer her up
(c) She wants to send a message
(d) There is a celebration

13. What did Dede’s father predict about her future?
(a) She would marry well
(b) She would move her family
(c) She would bury her family
(d) She would betray her family

14. What incriminating evidence gets left behind at the party Minerva leaves early?
(a) Photographs
(b) Addresses
(c) Pamphlets
(d) Letters

15. What is Lina’s last name?
(a) Leonardo
(b) Lovaton
(c) Laredo
(d) Louis

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gets Lina pregnant?

2. Where does Patria live after she gets married?

3. How did Dede feel about Lio’s political ideas?

4. Who does Dede talk to about her family?

5. What kind of school does Minerva go to as a child?

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