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This is a place where the Mirabal family likes to sit and talk in the evening.

Immaculada Concepcion

This is where the Mirabel girls go to boarding school.


This is the Dominican Republic secret police.

Ojo de Aqua

This is the town near where the Mirabals live.

San Jose de Conuco

This is where Patria lives after she marries.

San Cristobal

This is the location of the Discovery Day Dance.

Santo Domingo

This is the capital of the Dominican Republic and where Minerva goes to the university.

El Foro Publica

This is a gossip column written at the National Palace that serves notice to anyone against Trujillo.

Monte Cristi

This is where Minerva and Manolo live after Minerva finishes her law degree.

Santo Tomas de Aquino

This is the seminary Nelson attends.


This is where the Mirabal family goes to mass.

La Victoria

This is...

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