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Essay Topic 1

Much of this book centered around Catholic beliefs. What are some of these beliefs, and how did they shape this plot?

Essay Topic 2

Dede has an interesting role in this book. What is this role, and how does she accomplish it?

Essay Topic 3

Dede is not able to help her sisters. Why is this, and what does this teach us?

Essay Topic 4

Patria loses her faith at one point. How did this happen and what came of it?

Essay Topic 5

The author places some information about the Dominican Republic throughout this book for us. Why do you think she did that, and how did this affect the pace of the book?

Essay Topic 6

Many political ideas are shared in this book. What are these ideas, who believes in them, and how does this affect the tone of the play?

Essay Topic 7

The title of this book...

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