In the Time of the Butterflies Character Descriptions

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American Interviewer

This character hopes to learn more about a famous family.

Sor Asuncion

This character is the head of a boarding school.

Don Bernardo

This character has a senile wife, but tries to help his neighbors when he can.

Rufino de La Cruz

This character is a beloved chauffer.

Manuel de Moya

This character’s main job is to find attractive women for his boss to be with.

Jaime Fernandez

This character refused to let his wife join the revolution.

Nelson Gonzalez

This character is released from prison to make a leader look good.

Noris Gonzalez

This character is a child who watches her mother lose the farm when she is caught up in the revolution.

Leandro Guzman

This character is an engineer and a revolutionary whose wife joins the movement just to please him.


This character tries to hide in the school, but is found...

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