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Section I: 1938-1946

• Dede is waiting to be interviewed about her family. She says her father once told her she would bury them all in silk and pearls. It seems this has happened.

• Minerva and Patria went to boarding school together in the 40s and were close.

• Here they made friends with Sinita whose male family members were all killed for standing against Trujillo, the Dominican dictator.

• Minerva is shocked by this as she has been told her whole life to honor him.

• Trujillo comes to the school and seduces Lina, the prettiest girl there. When she gets pregnant, she is sent away to Miami.

• Minerva, Sinita, Elsa, and some others create and perform a play for the Independence Day and are chosen to perform for Trujillo.

• During this performance, Sinita points a bow and arrow at Trujillo, but Trujillo’s son stops her from killing him.

• Minerva...

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