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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Calley order the men to do?
(a) Clean up the village.
(b) Forget any atrocities.
(c) Plant weapons in the village.
(d) Take trophies from the dead.

2. What does Tony Carbo say John does not believe in?
(a) Luck.
(b) Honesty.
(c) People.
(d) God.

3. What does John tell Claude Rasmussen in response?
(a) That his friends from Vietnam won't talk.
(b) That Kathy might still turn up.
(c) That he will be gone before anyone finds anything.
(d) That the police won't find anything.

4. How did John spend his time in eighth grade?
(a) Practicing magic.
(b) Practicing basketball.
(c) Hunting.
(d) Reading.

5. Where do the police look for Kathy?
(a) Around the cabin.
(b) In nearby islands.
(c) Where she went to college.
(d) In her hometown.

6. Why is Patricia angry with John when she arrives?
(a) Because he looks like he's been drinking.
(b) Because he didn't call sooner.
(c) Because she's upset about her sister.
(d) Because she thinks he killed Kathy.

7. What is Kathy's relationship with Harmon, in the hypothesis in Chapter 24?
(a) She wants to talk to him.
(b) She still sees his face.
(c) She can't remember him.
(d) She looks for him in crowds.

8. What did John think about the work he did at his desk job?
(a) He would never be tracked down as Sorcerer.
(b) It was not foolproof, but it freed him.
(c) He was anxious about the papers stored at sites he could not get to.
(d) He worried only about being recognized by his comrades.

9. What does Arthur Lux tell John when John goes to meet Patricia's arrival?
(a) That people get lost here all the time.
(b) That he believes in him as a politician.
(c) That Kathy will turn up.
(d) That he suspects her of murder.

10. Why does Tony Carbo say he didn't leave John earlier than the election night?
(a) He wanted to watch the whole thing play out.
(b) He is in love with Kathy.
(c) He needed the money.
(d) He needed to finish the job.

11. Where do John and Kathy go immediately after the concession speech?
(a) Their hotel room.
(b) Home.
(c) Lake of the Woods.
(d) Patricia's house.

12. Why does Claude Rasmussen say he will go with John?
(a) So he doesn't get lost.
(b) So he doesn't hurt himself.
(c) So he doesn't fight with Patricia.
(d) So her doesn't hurt the boat.

13. How long do Patricia and John search for Kathy for?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) A month.
(c) Three days.
(d) Three weeks.

14. What is Kathy's reaction to John and Tony Carbo's conversation?
(a) She takes John's side against Tony Carbo.
(b) She walks out in disgust.
(c) She tries to get both men to reason.
(d) She argues with both of them.

15. What does John say in response to Patricia's anger?
(a) That he had been looking for Kathy.
(b) That he had been having a hard time with a lot of things.
(c) That he thought Kathy would turn up.
(d) That he quit drinking years ago.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Claude Rasmussen refer to Canada in his note to John?

2. What does John point out to Patricia about Kathy?

3. What did Kathy tell Harmon on the fourth day together?

4. Where was Kathy when John made his concession speech on election night?

5. Who is Deborah Lindquist?

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