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Tim O'Brien
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did John cope with the event that took place when he was 14?
(a) He moved back and forth between his parents.
(b) He befriended the neighborhood housewives.
(c) He studied the Vietnam War in school.
(d) He pretended his father was still alive.

2. What did one of the members of John's company have attached to his helmet?
(a) A ponytail from a Vietnamese victim.
(b) Condoms.
(c) Pistol rounds.
(d) Letters from home.

3. What does John notice the morning after the night of the boiling plants?
(a) Blood stains on the counter.
(b) Animal sounds.
(c) The smell of ammonia.
(d) The open door.

4. What does John omit from his letters to Kathy from Vietnam?
(a) Descriptions of his affection for her.
(b) Reminiscences of their time together.
(c) Discussion of the future.
(d) Scenes of carnage.

5. Who is Arthur Lux?
(a) John's campaign manager.
(b) Lake of the Woods sheriff.
(c) A gas station owner.
(d) An FBI investigator

6. What does John do the morning after the night of the boiling plants?
(a) Sleeps in.
(b) Goes for a hike.
(c) Writes Kathy a letter.
(d) Takes the boat out.

7. What evidence did the clerk from town contribute to the discussion Arthur Lux and Vinny Pearson had with John?
(a) That Kathy had threatened to leave John.
(b) That John had threatened to kill Kathy.
(c) That Kathy had threatened to ruin John's career.
(d) That John and Kathy had been arguing.

8. Why does John say he might have slept through the outboard motor starting on the boat?
(a) The cabin was far from the lake.
(b) He had been drinking.
(c) He had been ill.
(d) He had slept with earplugs.

9. How tall is Kathy?
(a) Five four.
(b) Five two.
(c) Five six.
(d) Five eight.

10. When is Chapter 8, "How the Night Passed", set?
(a) The night when John returned from the military.
(b) The night before Kathy's disappearance.
(c) The night when John and his company massacred the Vietnamese.
(d) The night when John lost the election.

11. What happened when the 'secrets' were released before the election?
(a) John's family disowned him.
(b) Friends stole away.
(c) Supporters rallied around him.
(d) Kathy abandoned him.

12. What does John wonder about after Kathy has gone missing?
(a) What would have happened if they'd made love.
(b) What Kathy thought of him.
(c) Whether Kathy had been having an affair.
(d) Where he could go to escape suspicion for her disappearance.

13. What does Kathy suspect John of when he joins the military?
(a) Running from the law.
(b) Political aspirations.
(c) Deceitfulness.
(d) Murder.

14. What happened to John when he was 14?
(a) His mother took him out of school.
(b) His parents divorced.
(c) His father died.
(d) His father was sent to Vietnam.

15. What does the author interject about Kathy's disappearance?
(a) That it might not have happened the way John thinks.
(b) That it was just a matter of time until her disappearance was understood.
(c) That John knew very well what happened.
(d) That John was going to have to do something about the witnesses to her disappearance.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did John pass the bar?

2. Who is Tony Carbo?

3. What did John make in his first job in politics?

4. Why is it impossible for John and Kathy to do the things they dream about doing?

5. What does John tell himself about Weatherby?

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