Objects & Places from In the Lake of the Woods

Tim O'Brien
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Angle Inlet - This is a town near where the book is set.

Lake of the Woods - This is where Claude Rassmussen owns a cabin.

Minnesota - This is the state where the town is located, near which the book takes place.

Karra's Studio of Magic - This is where John buys supplies for his hobby.

Pearson's Texaco - This place is owned by the man who provides local law enforcement.

Charlie Company - This is the unit to which John is assigned when he joins the military after college.

Thuan Yen - This is the Vietnamese village where John's military company kills innocent people.

Baudette - This is where Sheriff Lux has his headquarters.

Loon Point - This is the resort where Kathy spends several days with Harmon.

Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party - This is where John goes to work after finishing his law...

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