In the Lake of the Woods Character Descriptions

Tim O'Brien
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John Wade

This person is a political candidate who loses by a landslide in his party primary because of a massacre he was part of in Vietnam.

Kathy Wade

This person's disappearance motivates much of the investigation in the book.

Ruth Rassmussen

This person is a down-to-earth woman who lives at Lake of the Woods.

Claude Rassmussen

This person owns lakefront property at the Lake of the Woods.

Vincent Peaerson

This person is the local law enforcement, and has an aggressive theory about the disappearance.

Patricia Hood

This person is related to the character who disappears, and hears about the disappearance on the news before getting a call.

Sandra Karra

This person runs a magic shop.

Arthur J. Lux

This person is the sheriff of Lake of the Woods County.

Eleanor Wade

This person provides evidence about John's childhood and his relationship with his father.

Tony Carbo


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