In the Lake of the Woods Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tim O'Brien
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1 through 7

• John Wade lost an election when it came out that he was involved in a massacre in Vietnam.
• John and his wife Kathy traveled to Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota to recover from the loss and plan their future.
• Through an "Evidence" chapter we find out about John's childhood: he was secretive after his father died.
• John and Kathy met at the University of Minnesota, and then John went to war.
• When John returned from war, he waited at Kathy's door, but she didn't come home till the next morning, but they married anyway.

Chapters 8 through 12

• By citing evidence from different sources, the narrator makes us understand that John's character is in question and that Kathy is missing from the cabin.
• John poured boiling water on the houseplants in a fit of anger, yelling kill Jesus, the worst thing he could think of to say...

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