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Richard Peck
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of dinner napkins are on the Lawvers' table for the meal they are all sharing?
(a) Cotton.
(b) Silk.
(c) Paper.
(d) Damask.

2. In the end, Gail decides to wear a __________ outfit for her event at the Lawver house.
(a) Dressy.
(b) Formal.
(c) Casual.
(d) Risque.

3. Who does Gail argue with when she is deciding on what to wear for the event at the Lawver house?
(a) Her dad.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Phil.
(d) Steve.

4. What is Gail going to the Lawver residence for when this chapter begins?
(a) Babysitting.
(b) Dinner.
(c) Interview.
(d) Date with Phil.

5. Gail actually feels that she owes Mrs. Montgomery a _________ because the kids are already fed and in bed when she arrives.
(a) Rebate.
(b) Hug.
(c) Lower rate.
(d) Apology.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gail was beginning to ask herself which of the men she saw was the _________ one.

2. What did Alison do as soon as she and Gail walked out onto the campus after the match?

3. How much would Gail's babysitting rate increase when the clock hit midnight?

4. How old is the older child of Mrs. Montgomery who Gail describes as being hyperactive?

5. Gail's name for the natives was __________, but she never used it with Steve.

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Steve and Gail arguing about when they are sitting together at lunch?

2. What did Gail notice when she looked back at the shore after jumping in the water and swimming out to Steve?

3. After her teacher reads a poem out loud, what does Gail say out loud, even though she thought it was just in her mind?

4. Why was the couple still able to go swimming in Powdermill Lake at the start of the story?

5. Who decided to go for a swim in Powdermill Lake at the start of the story?

6. When Gail goes down to the bottom of the stairs to wait for Steve, what does this say about his relationship with her family?

7. Why does Gail become startled when Mrs. Montgomery arrives back at the house that night?

8. What did Gail's mother ask her when she arrived back home and went into Gail's bedroom?

9. What does Gail find out about her father when she arrives at his office in the city?

10. What is Gail trying to do as the chapter begins and she is babysitting at Mrs. Montgomery's house?

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