Objects & Places from Are You in the House Alone?

Richard Peck
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Pastorini's Cottage

This is an empty shack that has been in the family for years.

Powdermill Lake

The Pastorini cottage was located on the edge of this, which was outside of Oldfield Village.

Big Stand of Rock

This item is located just above the Pastorini cottage.

The Pill

In the first chapter, Steve tries to ask Gail if she is still taking this item, but he cannot seem to put it in one sentence.

The Small Green Stone

Steve gave Gail this item for her sixteenth birthday in the spring.

The Telephone

The stalker watches Gail and uses this to contact her at Mrs. Montgomery's house and at her family's house.

Gail's Locker

Steve initiated the relationship with Gail when he placed a poem for her into this.

The Note

After watching Phil's squash match with Alison, the two girls return to their lockers to get their books...

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