Are You in the House Alone? Character Descriptions

Richard Peck
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Gail Osburne

This character is a sixteen-year-old, sexually active girl. She is not promiscuous in the sense that she "gets around" but in the sense that she and her boyfriend are in a monogamous, albeit teen, relationship.

Steve Pastorini

This character is the son of a plumber. Unlike his father and older brothers, he is incredibly bright and the kids at school tout him as the upcoming valedictorian of their class.

Alison Bremer

This character moved to Oldfield Village in the first grade. In order to "fit in" the new community, her father quit his New York career on Wall Street and opened a decorative hardware store.

Phil Lawver

Very preppy and Ivy-league dressed, this character is tall with blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. Accustomed to being special, he knows only of getting what he wants.

Mr. Otis Lawver

The only presence this character has in the story...

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